Tsunami Response Summary

On December 26th 2004, a massive Tsunami devastated much of Asia. The Epicentre was at the far tip of Indonesia near the province of Banda Aceh, and was triggered by an underwater earthquake registering 9.1 on the Richter scale. The death-toll was over 220,000 with over 1.5 Million homeless of which more than 167,000 deaths and 500,000 homeless were in Indonesia.

The HF teams in Asia responded immediately in several countries to provide basic aid and treatment to the victims. HF set up food distribution points and medical centres in the Banda Aceh province of Indonesia, which had been the nearest and worst hit.

HF established a camp at Lamno, in Banda Aceh where one of the first tasks was to establish safe drinking water and sanitation for the general public. HF had got access to electric water pumps. These were installed at the Lamno camp and immediately helped 3,000 people. A combination of medical treatment and the provision of safe water got these people out of danger.

In Europe and North America, over £1.5 Million was raised in a short time. The next task was to liaise with local teams and prioritise aid shipments. 16 large 40 foot containers were despatched to Asia with an assortment of urgent supplies, and again the effective distribution of the supplies was achieved by working in partnership with local agencies.

In Indonesia, HF was able to assist over 30,000 people and our volunteers worked over 15,000 days over a 5 month period. The HF effort ensured that victims had safe water as quickly as possible, and had their injuries treated by medical experts in a timely way.

Since then, efforts have switched to the next Phase, long-term care of the orphans, providing help with skills training and education, and other tasks related to the long-term rehabilitation of these communities.