Mount Merapi Blows Again

The volcano of Mount Merapi in southern Java has been increasingly active causing concerns for the villages surrounding the crater. The volcano, not far from the city of Jogjakarta has been increasingly active since April 19, and in early May, lava flows forced the emergency status to be lifted to the highest level forcing the emergency evacuation of around 20,000 people. To compound the misery, on May 27, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck 30 miles south-west of Merapi killing 5,000 and making a further 200,000 people homeless.

HF Indonesia has been actively supporting the refugees since mid-May. A team of 35 set up soup kitchens around Merapi to provide 3 hot meals a day to 2,500 refugees. Camps were also established in Sriharjo, Pathuk and Ngooro Oro where a team of 95 dedicated volunteers served hot meals every day to a further 3,000 refugees. The HF team is working closely with local authorities to ensure that the needs of the refugees are met.