Water for Life
Humanity First has installed twelve water filtration plants around Muzaffarabad which can handle 560 gallons of water per minute. The new system developed in the USA allows fast flows of water to be purified of suspended and dissolved impurities to safeguard against TB, Hepatitis, Cholera and other water-borne diseases. These plants are now providing safe drinking water to 1.26 million people in Gari Dupatta, Chakar, Hatian Balla and Muzffarabad. HF Pakistan is also exploring smaller hand-pumps in remote villages.

HF is building 4 new earthquake-proof Primary Schools in Pakistan and is working with local authorities on plans and local requirements.

After the terrible earthquake of 2005, HF also helped to build and re-open a neurosurgery operating facility in the Al-Abbas Hospital in Muzaffarabad. This is the only such facility in the area which serves a population of 3.5 million people in Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK). The foundation stone of the new £650,000 GBP spinal care and neurosurgery special unit was laid on the 3rd May 2006 by the Health Secretary, Major General Abdul Malik, and the facility was fully operational by early 2007.

Earthquake Relief
HF Pakistan responded rapidly after the terrible earthquake of 8th October 2005. Northern Pakistan was struck by a huge earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale. Around 86,000 people died, hundreds of thousands were badly injured and millions were made homeless. HF teams were immediately mobilised and were working in the region the next day. HF Doctors and Paramedics were drafted in from other parts of Pakistan as well as from the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, UAE and Norway.

HF provided emergency medical care, shelter and food and clothing. HF also established longer term shelter camps such as Tent City in Islamabad. In total, HF helped over 75,000 victims, 520 tonnes of relief supplies were distributed in remote regions, 39,000 people were provided with temporary shelters, 850 victims were looked after for 6 months in Tent City and 356,400 meals were served. HF volunteers worked more than 481,192 hours in a massive operation in collaboration with the Red Crescent, WHO, WFP and the Pakistan Army.

Floods Relief

Following the terrible monsoon rains of August 2010, Humanity First ran medical camps, provided tents, water treatment equipment, food, hygiene kits and other domestic supplies for 19,700 people across the country. HFPK worked in Muzzafargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Taunsa, Nowshera, Rajanpur, Layyia, Jacobabad, Jhang, Larkana, Dera Ismael Khan, Noushehra Firoz and the Swat valley in the North West.